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Bike Engine Oil
Bike Engine Oil, designed for industrial use, ensures peak engine performance and longevity. Packaged conveniently, it features a subtle scent. Its tailored formulation reduces friction, prevents corrosion, and maintains engine cleanliness. With exceptional thermal stability and viscosity control, it guarantees reliable operation, protecting engines for motorcycles or heavy machinery.
Sephan Oil
Sephan Oil, designed for automotive use, has a normal scent and contains 99% ash. Available in red, green, and black, it's an industrial-grade lubricant. Packaged in barrels, drums, and cans, its specialized formulation ensures high performance, reducing friction, and enhancing engine durability, making it ideal for automotive machinery.
White Base Oil
White Base Oil, a type of base oil with a normal scent, is tailored for automotive use, boasting a 99% ash content. Primarily for industrial applications, it comes in a white hue and is packaged in barrels, drums, and cans. Its formulation is ideal for lubricating greases, metal processing fluids, and motor oil, ensuring superior performance and versatility across various applications.
Industrial Grease
Industrial Grease, suitable for automotive use, features a normal scent and 99% ash content. Available in red, green, and black, it's designed to prevent damage, abrasion, and wear & tear in industrial applications. Packaged in barrels, drums, and cans, it offers robust protection and durability against harsh conditions, ensuring smooth machinery operation.
Car Engine Oil
Car Engine Oil, a type of engine oil with a normal scent, is specifically for automotive use. Packaged in bottles, it's also applicable in industrial settings. Its formulation ensures optimal lubrication, enhancing engine performance and longevity. With attributes like viscosity control and thermal stability, it guarantees smooth operation and engine protection.
Gear Oil
Gear Oil, formulated for heavy-duty applications, lubricates gear systems to minimize friction and wear. Its high viscosity and extreme pressure additives ensure smooth gear operation, reducing maintenance needs and extending equipment lifespan. Commonly used in automotive, industrial, and marine industries, it's crucial for efficient power transmission and machinery performance.
base oil
Base Oil, utilized in automotive applications, has a white color and normal scent, with a 99% ash content. Commonly found in industrial settings, it's processed to ensure high purity and stability. Packaged in drums, it serves as a crucial component in lubricants, offering excellent thermal stability and corrosion resistance for various industries.

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